Interested in bamboo planters? Planter Studio specializes in planters for bamboo.

Bamboo Planters

I build planters, big planters that I have developed specifically for growing bamboo in. The shape and design are simple. The rectangular dimensions lend themself to decks, patio's, driveway's and pretty much anywhere a privacy hedge is needed. The tapered design allows for the easy removal of the bamboo from the planter, when maintenance is needed. It allows for the release of a potentially congested root mass of bamboo out of the planter. Other planter designs make it near impossible to remove the bamboo for maintenance (especially the metal ones). This maintenance is mandatory for bamboo. Bamboo will outgrow any planter usually within about 5-10 years depending on the species. Bamboo is a grass, it like's to spread, and since it is a plant, it doesn't stop growing. The only way to tame this growth is to divide the plant. (best when done in fall or late winter or early spring) If you cannot get the bamboo out of the planter, it will become root bound eventually and wither away without maintenance. These planter's prevent this problem of not being able to root prune the bamboo. For more information on this maintenance please refer to Bamboo Maintenance. These are products with long term sustainability in mind.