Interested in bamboo planters? Planter Studio specializes in planters for bamboo.


Bamboo Nurserys

Bamboo Garden North Plains OR. "THE" premier bamboo nursery, has biggest inventory and display garden
Bamboo Valley Albany OR. a bamboo nursery, Specializing in service and giant specimens
Shweeash Bamboo Astoria OR. a bamboo nursery, quality salty bamboo
Bamboo Craftsman Portland OR. a woodworking studio, bamboo supply, nursery


American Bamboo Company, Mark Meenam, Seattle, WA. Authentic Bamboo fence Construction and all other bamboo work
Connor Bamboo, Ian Connor, Portland OR. a true plantsmen of many abilities
Bamboo and Beyond Landscaping Matt Getchell, Portland OR. specializing in Bamboo and Stone Work
David Bertman Designs Furniture Interiors Wood/Metal Design Etc.
Walnutcity Wineworks my uncle's wine biz

Plant Nurserys

Xera Plants A nursery specializing in drought tolerance plants
Dancing Oaks Nursery North of Corvallis OR. Breathtaking display gardens