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Bamboo Choices

Types of bamboo's that are suitable for planters

  • Specifically Pacific Northwest hardy bamboo variety's
  • Phyllostachys aurea
  • Phyllostachys aurea has three distinct color variations, othe rthan the standard green form:
  • Phyllostachys aurea 'Holochrysa' -True gold canes
  • P. aurea 'Flavescens Inversa' -Green cane w/gold stripe
  • P. aurea 'Koi' -Gold cane w/green stripe
  • Phyllostachys aurea 'Dr. Don' -Young canes bright blue
  • Phyllostachys aureosulcata -Green cane w/gold stripe
  • This plant has several colorful cultivars such as
  • -P. aureosulcata 'Spectabilis' -Gold cane w/green stripe
  • -P. aureosulcata 'Aureocaulis' -True gold canes
  • -P. aureosulcata 'Harbin' -multiple vertical ridges, numerous yellow stripes, random and colorful patterns
  • -P. aureosulcata 'Harbin Inversa' -bright yellow,multiple random narrow green stripes
  • -P. aureosulcata 'Lama Temple' -True gold canes, a brighter gold color
  • -P. aureosulcata 'Alata' -Green canes, crooked